Industrial RO systems

Industrial RO systems:

This is a perfect system with high-performance and capability. These systems are produced with different flow rate for water treatment. Using RO technology, the possibility of removing dissolved inorganic materials, organic substances, dissolved and microbiological contaminants will be increased.


What is RO technology:

Reverse Osmosis is a special filter that normally causes water to move from low solute concentration (low or no salt) into a high solute concentration (high salt). In Water purification system, with the help of pump pressure, water moves from (high salt) to (low salt) part. This causes the separation of pure water from impure water, which is called water purification

RO components:

Membrane: This is the filter of RO and is the critical part  of the treatment system.

Pump: using the force prepared by pumps, the water from low solute concentration can move into a high solute concentration.

Pre-filter: Pre-filter which is mainly PP and carbon will remove suspended materials such as chlorine, iron and so on from water

Controlling sensors

Pipes and fittings


Chlorine injection pump

Function of system pre-filter

Pre-filtration: This process often consists of three stages to prepares the initial water to enter the main unit device. It removes harmful materials and help to keep the membrane healthy. For instant chlorine is a very important factor in reducing membrane performance and its lifetime.

     Stage 1: PP fiber filter: This filter is made of 5 microns 100% pure pressed polypropylene. It    removes mud, sand and other suspended contaminants.

     Stage 2 & 3: The granular carbon filter and solid carbon

               Second stage:  the initial removal of taste, odor, color, organic materials, Haloform,       phenolic materials, chlorine and organic chemicals found in insecticides and pesticides was done by activated carbon filter.

              Third stage: Carbon Block filter, It is used to complete the second stage and to remove the highest level of Chlorine and toxins from water. The filter usually consists of two layers of polypropylene.

Advantages of Reverse Osmosis:

High throughput water purification

Easy to use and operate

Could be designed for various water flow rates

This is not huge

Ability to remove anion and cation without unwanted effects on water such as taste or color 

Good performance in different amount of water minerals

RO system operating tips:

Wastewater (condensed water) outlet should never be blocked.

No valve should be installed on purified water outlet line. Never block the way and do not put it under pressure.

If you need to transfer the treated water to a higher elevation, you may use a storage tank and a pump separately.

Prevent entering chlorine to your system by using carbon filter and on time replacement

You must replace pre-filters on time.

Control and record input and output TDS and waste water every day.

Reverse osmosis water filtration system reduces water pH a little. Low pH makes the water bitter. In case of the above problem, use a mix valve to mix some inlet water with the purified water.

It is recommended to use the anti Escalante to increase membrane lifetime and performance of the device.

Activated Carbon Filter:

Activated carbon is produced from carbon materials such as wood, coal, petroleum residues and so on. Coal is prepared by burning of material in an airless space. This coal is then oxidized at higher temperatures to find a highly porous structure. The activation phase creates irregular channels and pores in solid mass, leading to a very high ratio of surface area to mass (500 to 1500). The activated carbon power is based to these channels and pores.

Use of activated carbon

Activated carbon is used to remove taste, odor, color, organic materials, Haloform, phenolic materials and chlorine.

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